Security & Democracy

Our work in Security & Democracy helps civil society, academic institutions, and government to contribute to building a society that promotes tolerance, spirit of unity, high moral standards and equality. We do this by understanding citizens’ perception, policy dimension and global insights on existing challenges and opportunities. We then engage the knowledge and experienced of policy makers, professionals, and youth to design and implement initiatives that enhance civic engagement, education system, and national security.

Financial Inclusion

We believe Financial Inclusion is positively correlated with growth and employment, and plays a role in reducing extreme poverty. We aim to assist marginalized groups, specifically women, and enterprises to mitigate shocks, safeguard savings and grow their businesses. Through financial literacy and mobile financial services we equip marginalized groups and enterprises, regardless of income, with knowledge and skills to use appropriate financial services that can improve their overall welfare.

Social Enterprise

By embracing and promoting the Social Enterprise approach we want to help vulnerable people gain access to social services, such as education, health and social care and employment opportunities. Therefore, we promote social entrepreneurs who are ambitious and persistent, offering sustainable innovative solutions to society’s most pressing problems. Our incubation services help social entrepreneurs to gain access to financial and human resources and develop their business acumen.

Human Rights

For us, human rights are essential to the development of individuals and communities. We want to promote laws, values and practices that allow people to live with dignity, freedom, equality, justice, and peace. Our action research partnerships with national and international organizations (civil society, academic institutions, think-tanks and government) look at issues such as migration, fundamental freedom and gender equality and take measures accordingly at respective levels.

Health & Hygiene

Under Health & Hygiene, we particularly target women, children and youth. By addressing issues on water, sanitation, personal hygiene and drug abuse we want to contribute to the empowerment of women and development of a healthy young workforce, fight against crime and betterment of social security. We work with service providers in the delivery of water and sanitation facilities to low-income communities, and with rehabilitation centers to offer counseling, psychiatric treatment and drug rehabilitation services to drug users (with the support of their parents).

Corporate Social Responsibility

We look at Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an initiative that goes beyond philanthropy and compliance and helps companies build better goodwill and brand image by exhibiting what they do with their profits. It could also define how companies manage workplace, marketplace, supply chain and community. We develop CSR strategies for companies to ensure an overlap of development goals and with their commercial goals. By establishing mutually beneficial partnerships we help companies to outsource the execution of their CSR strategies to grass-root NGOs. We also carry out impact evaluation studies to measure the Social Return on Investment (SROI).


Our focus on Youth cuts across all thematic areas and we aim to address persistent problems of poverty and inequality by harnessing the potential of the "youth bulge" to fuel economic and social growth. We encourage young people to be more tolerant, withhold high moral standards and support democratic practices. We continuously ensure their engagement as researchers, respondents, social entrepreneurs, service providers and beneficiaries for all our work. Additionally, we offer them networking and leadership opportunities through social media and physical platforms.


The use of Technology is also at the center of everything for cost efficiency, flexibility, agility and scalability. In order to ensure efficient, transparent and reliable data, we develop and deploy technology to collect data and measure impact for our clients. We bring technology to youth, women and marginalized groups through our services in research, evaluation and incubation.