About TGI

The Growth Institute (TGI) is Bangladesh’s leading research and advisory solutions think tank that works across social and development sectors to provide cutting-edge, research-based, and technology-enabled solutions that inform and advance policy. We strive to unlock growth in all our areas of expertise, be it Security & Democracy, Financial Inclusion, Social Enterprise, Human Rights, Health & Hygiene, Corporate Social Responsibility or our cross cutting areas - Youth and Technology.


Our mission is to undertake research-based, technology-driven solutions that combine cutting-edge global and domestic best-practices so as to offer sustainable social and economic returns to stakeholders, beneficiaries and clients. We have at our disposal, a highly qualified team of professionals, sector experts, domestic and foreign academics, public policy advisors, data analysts and enumerators, who contribute to rendering every project we undertake, successful, sustainable, and scalable.


Our long-term vision is that of an economically prosperous, socially developed and culturally harmonious Bangladesh. We envision a Bangladesh that thrives in a relationship of mutual benefit with the comity of nations. In line with our vision, we emphasize sustainability and scalability in our projects and work to convert single projects into long-term areas of expertise, so as to facilitate increasing gains from economies of scale, external and internal knowledge gains.


We adopt a macro view, emphasize detail, engage in continuous learning, and ensure timeliness in every project we undertake.

We strive to situate and develop each project we undertake within the larger economic, social and cultural eco-system for activities entailed. At the same time, we ensure a detail-oriented approach in all our operations.

We are committed to continuous learning and do not hesitate to adapt our research and other project interventions in light of new findings, requests and field-level inputs.

Our clients also testify to our punctuality and timeliness.