Our Team

We combine our in-house team of researchers, consultants and technical experts with our local and international network of leading subject-matter experts to deliver higher returns to our clients and donors.

We also maintain an online and a physical community of freelancers known as Desperately Seeking Freelancers (DSF), which has over 1800 highly experienced technical experts and members from various fields.


We nurture a network of Research Fellows from Bangladesh, India, USA and UK who work with us on short term and long term contracts.

We encourage young Research Fellows to come on board and share ideas, energy and take ownerships of their work.


We have the experience of mobilizing people with relevant skills on a short-term and long-term basis for various projects and thematic assignments.

Our pool of experts includes seasoned national and international professionals and come with years of experience.


We collaborate with a broad spectrum of national, regional and international organisations, leveraging our networks, expertise and trust to achieve common goals and mutual benefits.

Our partnership is based on the objective of contributing to knowledge generation and providing end-to-end services to our clients.

We have various partnerships with think-tanks, academic institutions, research agencies, technology firms, civil society, etc.