Survey Research

We have over 14 years of survey research experience, deploying quantitative, qualitative and participatory research techniques, using both paper-based and Computer Assisted Personal Interviewer (CAPI) tools to conduct large nation-wide surveys as well as smaller focused surveys. Our researchers are highly adept at designing research methodologies, developing questionnaires, field testing questionnaires, administering surveys, ensuring quality control, and communicating survey findings via high-impact reports, presentations and workshops. Our field team representatives span all divisions in Bangladesh and our pool of enumerators covers both urban and rural areas nation-wide. We also have a partnership with CommCare, a leading provider of mobile and PC-based survey software.

Impact Evaluation

Our team is particularly adept at conducting impact evaluation studies while taking attribution and market-wide changes into consideration. We differentiate our approach to impact evaluation from research by developing a thorough understanding of the intended use of the results by our clients. In line with the increasing focus on Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) of development sector projects by donors, we stay abreast of latest M&E techniques and frameworks, including baseline, midline and end line studies, smaller focused studies of stakeholders and beneficiaries. We also carry out more sophisticated studies such as outcome mapping studies, micro-narrative studies, participatory statistics, multi-level mixed evaluation method and central location testing.

Policy Research

Our policy research projects include in-depth policy research and advocacy on monetary and fiscal policy projects, strategic inputs to national strategic plans of the Government of Bangladesh (e.g. the 100-Year Delta Plan), as well as policies pertaining to up-and-coming sectors such as e-commerce, social enterprises, and digital services. We combine our in-house resources including public policy advisors and serving and retired high-ranking government officials to provide timely, cost-effective and cutting edge policy solutions to public and private sector clients.

CSR Services

Our expertise in a broad span of sectors such as financial inclusion, social enterprises, human rights, health & hygiene, youth, and technology allow us to design appropriate CSR strategies for leading local and multinational corporate. Our experiences, in the private sector in Bangladesh and overseas, allow us to combine profit-oriented priorities with social impetus that maximize returns to our clients. Our CSR services includes small-scale interventions to develop entrepreneurial skills among embryonic social enterprises, projects related to promoting awareness against substance abuse, high-impact financial literacy-based initiatives, as well as initiatives focused on women, children and minorities.


We work closely with fledgling enterprises that have a social orientation to equip them with the requisite technical and business skills to sustain and scale up their operations, as well as connect them with sources of external funding and entrepreneurial mentors (EMs). Our EMs are drawn from an extensive pool of socially-conscious business professionals, entrepreneurs, development sector professionals, corporate sector professionals, and academics with professed interest in mentoring fledgling and mid-level social enterprises. Our trainers in various fields such as accounting & finance, marketing & communications, and general management are both academics and practitioners. They possess considerable experience in adapting textbook knowledge and global best practices to business and social realities of local social enterprises in the context of the ecosystem in which they operate.